Not Just Client Records. Client Care.

Case notes, custom reports, client workflow, billing, analytics and digital signatures on any connected device.

Noteable is an intuitive and powerful online practice management system that helps mental health care providers manage client care, not just client records. Born from the real experience of successful industry professionals, Noteable offers a fresh approach to practice management that makes it incredibly simple for clinicians to manage their case load and empowers you with the tools you need to more effectively run your practice.

Simple to Use

When a clinician signs in, they can access a complete view of their active clients' records in one click, including case notes and reports.

Easy to Configure

Easily define and customize case note and report templates, billing rules and client-care workflows for each treatment program you support.

Powerful Analytics

Noteable's analytics provide you the tools you need to better understand your staffing and client patterns across your agency.

Is Noteable for you?

Noteable is useful for many different types of care providers of all sizes. Whether you provide a single program out of a single location or support multiple programs across many offices, Noteable's program-based customization accounts for it all. Types of providers who benefit from Noteable include:

  • Social workers

  • Behavior analysts

  • Foster care workers

  • Group home providers

  • Community based counseling

  • Home based counseling providers

What makes Noteable different?

  • Clinician interfaces are simple and intuitive, requiring almost no training.
  • Client detail screen gives clinicians one place to view and manage a client's care.
  • The staff details screen makes it easy for supervisors to view and manage the work being done by their staff.
  • Case notes, reports, billing rules and more can be customized by you at the program level to fit the way you operate.
  • Business management tools let you visualize, by program, real time data about the health of your practice.

Intuitive, encompassing and visually stunning!
— Kathleen Sams O'Neil, MS, LBA

Tools for Clinicians and Administrators

When our licensing specialist pointed out that changes were needed to some of our forms in order to be in compliance, I contacted the Noteable team and a support representative responded right away. We got on a web meeting and he showed me how I could make the changes myself. In literally just minutes, our forms were corrected and it was such an easy process. Amazing software and amazing support!
— Charita Selden, Program Director, Welcome Home Community Services